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About Us

Who we are and what we stand for

The Reinhardt Drewel Foundation SA aim to prevent all future childhood drowning fatalities and non-fatal drowning disabilities in South Africa and later Africa, as well as Supporting Children disabled by non-fatal Drowning or Cerebral Hypoxic injury – a serious, life-threatening injury which can cause Cognitive problems and disabilities, by means of launching national drowning prevention awareness and educational programs to Community-based, supervised child care institutions and schools.

We will achieve these aims through long-term sponsor / donator affiliation, local and global alliance & partnership with local and international Water Regulatory Bodies and established Water Safety Organisations, Emergency Medical Service Providers (EMS) and other Drowning Prevention & associated Disability Support Groups and Non-Profit Foundations.

We will furthermore:

  • Partake in National drowning prevention and water safety campaigns ad awareness programs with established water safety regulatory bodies and emergency service providers eg, ER24 EMS (Pty) Ltd t/a ER24 in South Africa and later Africa
  • Investigate & Promote changes to Standards, Legislation, Regulations and their enforcement to improve the safety of domestic swimming pools and to improve safety around all other aquatic sources in South Africa and later Africa.
  • Identify local & International suppliers and contribute aid to disadvantaged children disabled by non-fatal  drowning to help improve their value of life.


The Reinhardt Drewel Foundation SA was established and launched in October 2015 in loving memory of Reinhardt Drewel born 18 October 2011. Reinhardt had an unfortunate fatal drowning in his family’s backyard pool on 25 February 2015. His special place in Heaven was reserved and ready, he had to take ownership. A magnitude of wonderful memories will live on in the hearts who loved and knew him.

About Us

The Reinhardt Drewel Foundation SA is South Africa’s first non-profit Organisation and only Charity Targeting National Drowning Prevention through Dynamic innovative National Drowning Prevention Awareness & Education Programs to Community-based, Supervised Child Care, Pre-School & Primary Schools: Aiming to prevent all future accidental drowning fatalities and non-fatal drowning disabilities in South Africa and later Africa, as well as nationwide Support to less fortunate Children disabled by Non-Fatal Drowning or other Cerebral Hypoxic injuries.



Drowning does not only occur during times of flooding or rough seas but in our swimming pools, fish ponds and inside our homes

Drowning can happen very quickly and in less than 2.5cm of water, for example, filled bathtubs, swimming pools and even buckets of water and sinks can be dangerous.

Drowning is commonly a silent event. The child makes no noise to alert their parents or carer.

It is sadly all too common for us in South Africa to hear of a child having drowned or having come close to drowning.

Taking necessary precautions and knowing how to swiftly  rescue a potential drowning victim can make a tremendous difference when it comes to saving lives.

Toddlers are particularly vulnerable to drowning as they have no idea about the dangers of water and tend to be very inquisitive.

RDF SA Benefit Events

RDF SA Benefit Events

RDF SA is dependent on private and corporate donations and sponsorship to enable us to reach more children with our Drowning Prevention Awareness and Water Safety Education Programmes as well as to reach more and continue to support our identified children disabled by Non-Fatal Drowning to help improve their quality of life.

RDF SA hosted a Charity Golf Day in aid of Childhood Drowning Prevention and Water Safety Awareness as well as our identified Non-Fatal Drowning beneficiaries on 6 October 2018!

Special thank you to all the golfers, our families, visitors and our wonderful sponsors who made this day unforgettable and an extremely successful event!

We are planning exciting benefit events for 2019 – watch this space!!

If you would like more info on our forthcoming events and/or wish to assist us by sponsoring an event please contact us on