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South Africa’s First Registered Drowning Prevention NPO, NPC & SARS Section 18A Public Benefit Organisation aiming to prevent Childhood Drowning by providing Water Safety Education,  raising National Drowning Prevention Awareness and the only Charity that indentify and support Children injured or disabled by Non-Fatal Drowning and Associated Cerebral Hypoxic injury as well provide Infant Swimming Recourse Scholarships to indentified underprivileged Children.


The impact when a child drowns or is disabled due to non-fatal drowning is immense. Global estimates may significantly underestimate the actual Public Health problem related to drowning.

RDF SA is the first and only Charity in South Africa providing support services to children disabled by non-fatal drowning or other associated Cerebral Hypoxic brain injury.

We believe that no disabled child should be excluded or have to wait for equipment and therapy that are essential to their daily care and quality of life. 

RDF SA aim to:

  • Provide aid and equipment relevant to the child’s disability;
  • Advocacy to ensure that all the medical needs of children with Hypoxic Brain injury are met and inclusion of specific procedural codes to all Medical Aid Schemes;
  • Fostering research into the prevention, treatment and outcome of children with Hypoxic- and other related Brain injury. 

Cayley is RDF SA’s first identified non-fatal drowning beneficiary. On 17 December 2013 she fell into a swimming pool & without oxygen and a heartbeat for more than 40 minutes.. you can read her miraculous story at

RDF SA will do all in our power to continue to support Little Miracle Cayley & other identified non-fatal drowning survivors in need of support.    

BSO, surgery by Dr Enslin, performed on Cayley Habelgaarn and never before performed on a non-fatal #drowning survivor in South Africa. Read more


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The Reinhardt Drewel Foundation SA was established and launched in October 2015 in loving memory of Reinhardt Drewel born 18 October 2011. Reinhardt had an unfortunate fatal drowning in his family’s backyard pool on 25 February 2015. His special place in Heaven was reserved and ready, he had to take ownership. A magnitude of wonderful memories will live on in the hearts who loved and knew him.

About Us

The Reinhardt Drewel Foundation SA is South Africa’s first non-profit Organisation and only Charity Targeting National Drowning Prevention through Dynamic innovative National Drowning Prevention Awareness & Education Programs to Community-based, Supervised Child Care, Pre-School & Primary Schools: Aiming to prevent all future accidental drowning fatalities and non-fatal drowning disabilities in South Africa and later Africa, as well as nationwide Support to less fortunate Children disabled by Non-Fatal Drowning or other Cerebral Hypoxic injuries.


According to the Medical Research Council of South Africa, over the past five years, a total of 3000 deaths caused by drowning were recorded in the country. According to recent statistics released by private hospital group Netcare, nearly 72% of non-fatal drowning occur around home and only 1.22% at the beach. Three-year-old children seem particularly vulnerable and constitute 45.45% of the total.

RDF SA nominated as one of the Top 100 Difference Makers in South Africa.

Preventable fatalities can leave families with permanent emotional scars and hospitalisation can leave children with damage so severe they need life-long care.